Travel Credit

Renting a car on the airport is the most convenient place for many travelers to arrange a car rental and in some cases, you have no other option due to the available car rental fleet or time constraint. However, you should be aware airport car rentals are usually more expensive than other car rental pick-up locations. Some airports, charge up to 35 % airport tax on your rental car in order to justify the cost of having an airport location.

Do a pre-rental inspection

It is very important to check your rental car before driving away in order to make sure you do not get charged for damages you did not make. Check for scratches, cracks in light covers, mirrors, windshields, car body, stains on the upholstery and any other problems. The best way is to do a walk-around with the car rental agent and let him make a note of any issues.

Paying for expensive add-ons

Most car rental companies will try to upsell additional add-ons like navigation systems, automatic or manual cars or even local smart phones.

By planning in advance, you can avoid, these additional costs. For instance, most travelers now carry smartphones equipped with navigation included or pick-up a local sim card at the supermarket.

Check for Mileage restrictions

Some car rental contracts are mileage based and will give you a maximum amount of miles, that you can drive before charging you for every additional mile. This can become very costly and in some cases, might end up making your total bill more than double!